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Express Info. Service for Inmates
since 2002
Our goal has been to help inmates get updated information while they are incarcerated. Inmates do NOT have access to computers and sometimes no family to send them any information. Hopefully, we keep them focused and get them prepared for their return to society. Please see our attachment that goes out to all correctional facilities in Illinois. (see attachment)
If you know of someone who is incarcerated and need our services, please print a copy and send to an inmate in distress. We want inmates to return to society and make a positive contribution to our communities and society.
(see attachment)
We also take donations to help this program continue to grow. We want inmates to return to our communities and make positive contributions to society.
This service was started with the proud help of my mom,
Jacklen M. Griffith. Without my mom, i dont know what i would do. She helped me learn how to give back and always be a blessing to someone else. There is always someone in a situation worse than yours. She is the same person that has taught me how to give, show, and receive love.  Thanks Mom, i love you!


NO One Left Behind
FREE Express Info. Service to Inmates
since 2002
Founded by: Norrice Quarles
& Jacklen M. Griffith
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(non-profit for inmate services coming soon)