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Basketball Camp
all year around for boys and girls

session 1        ages 4 to 7     6pm-7pm
 session 2       ages 8 - 14     7pm-8pm

Come 4x in one month = $25.00
call 773-593-0040 for more info
Dooley Park, 3402 west 77th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60652
If you play basketball and want to get better,  
please come check us out
Basketball Fundamentals
& Fun for Boys and Girls
Ages 4 to 14 years old

1st session -  ages 4 - 7  6 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
2nd Session - ages 8 - 14  7 p.m. - 8:00  p.m.
ONLY $25.00
for the entire month, which includes a full power hour of fundamentals, strength training, & skill development

PLUS: Ask about the Nike Stock
We will show you & the kids how to buy shares of NIKE stock
I want all my basketball camp participants to own shares of NIKE stock
We have been buying shares of NIKE Stock for over 10 years
(click picture for larger view)

We also focus on enhancing the kids public speaking & math skills and doing live one-on-one interviewing. Please go to www.datswzuphoops.com to listen to a live video-taped interview

If you play basketball and want to get better, please come check us out, if you are a coach and need players come check us out, if you want to come see how we are different from other basketball camps come check us out, if you want to schedule a game with our program come check us out

if you want to sponsor a kid and pay their $25 fee for the month, or you just want to give a donation to the program, click the link below:

LOCATION: Dooley Park District, 3402 West 77th Street, Chicago IL. 60629, (near 77th and St. Louis, 3 blocks west of Kedzie, and there is a secured parking lot in the back of the school)

Please call for additional information: 773-593-0040
contact Norrice Quarles

please call us before bringing your kid(s) to the camp and please note that we also offer individual training sessions for advanced athletes on Wednesday Nights for 1 power hour of intense training
@ Dooley Park

Basketball Camp &
Strenght Training
We are the one of the unique camps that offer both!

DATSWZUP Basketball Camp for underprivileged kids to learn basketball fundamentals and skills, plus mentoring
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